Welcome to the El Dorado High School - Class of 1959 Web Site. We have an additional Web Site located here.

When we graduated, we scattered to the four winds.  Some of us have not seen each other in years and years.  Others visit from time to time.  We built this web site to bring us all back together, at least in spirit.

Visit our Yearbook Gallery and see the way we were back then - so long ago but it seems only yesterday when we were "Seniors" not "Senior Citizens".

Some of us entered military service and served our country.  We wish to honor all our vets who served with pride.

The tragedies of life fell upon some too soon and they are no longer with us. Our Memorial Page is a tribute to their memory.

We do get back together now and then.  Our last reunion was in 1999; some of us had another informal get-together in 2000.  All who attended had a wonderful time so start making your plans right now to attend our next reunion.

This site is a work in progress.  We need your support and input.  Your classmates and friends who visit here are wondering where you are and what you look like now.  Stop by and sign our guest book.  Tell us a bit about yourself.  Best of all, send us a recent picture that we can post.  Don't be vain.  We all know how old you are.  OK, if you want us to think you still look forty-something, send us a photo from the eighties.

We've lost track of some of our classmates.  If you are on our Lost Classmates list or have information about someone who is, please contact the Webmaster.  We would like to re-establish contact and bring them back to our community.

Come back and visit again.  We would love to have your comments.  This site is for both classmates and friends.  E-mail the Webmaster and give us your ideas on what you would like to see or change.